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About KenGlow Oil

In the fall of 2007, my partner was diagnosed with Kidney Disease, and by the spring of 2008, complete renal failure had occurred. To stay alive, he began a rigorous routine of being dialyzed three times a week.

Having dialysis like any other medical procedure can make patients susceptible to having many side effects. Unfortunately, one of those side effects is a condition of having excessive dry skin caused by a build-up of minerals in the body between dialysis sessions.

Although humor was used to ease the frustration of seeing flakes of skin everywhere, the shedding also made us recognized the seriousness of the problem. Like many others, we tried the all of the recommended brand name lotions and oils. The results were temporary and his ash would re-appear many times on the same day.

As a child of two professional chefs, I grew up with a keen sense of understanding balancing the chemistry of cooking many times without recipes or even measuring. If I could do this so naturally with food, then I felt that I could find the perfect solution to balance natural products as a skin treatment. I decided to take a course on making oils and experimented with creating an adequate combination of oils that could quickly be absorbed into the skin to prevent dryness.

After several attempts, I found the perfect solution. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of my partner’s skin, and so I began using the oil as well. But I failed to recognize the fact that many other dialysis patients were suffering from the same dry skin problems.

The turning point came when my niece visited California to attend my daughter’s wedding. I offered the oil for her to use and after applying it she immediately came rushing out of the shower praising the way her skin felt. For several years, she begged me to start packaging and selling the oil, but I thought that she was just a relative being nice. However, she was persistent and continued requesting the “KenGlow” oil with each phone call. Finally out of frustration she said, “Your oil isn’t just a good product for people on dialysis, it is also good for people like me too. This stuff is really good. I’m telling you, that you need to sell this.”

But I was reluctant to start a new business, especially while attending school and being a full-time caregiver to a dialysis patient. My busyness with school caused a delay in replenishing the oil for my partner, and so he had to purchase his former expensive over the counter skin care product. After several days he complained about his skin’s condition and requested that, “I make some more of his oil.”

However, I not only made a batch for him but also gave free samples to dialysis patients and friends. My niece was correct “KenGlow” oil was for others as well and I grateful that still to this day I receive letters of thanks for providing others with such a great product.