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About KenGlow Oil

In the fall of 2007, my husband Kenith had been diagnosed with kidney disease. By the spring of 2008, he had renal failure; and to stay alive, he began a rigorous routine of being dialyze three times a week.

Unfortunately, dialysis, like any other medical procedure, can make patients susceptible to side effects. One of the side effects people may experience is having dry itchy skin caused by a build-up of minerals in the body between dialysis sessions.

Although we used humor to ease his frustration of seeing flakes of shedding skin, we also realized that this was a very serious problem. Like many others, we tried the recommended brand name lotions and oils. The results were merely temporary and the ash would re-appear the same day. So I decided to take a course on making oil and started experimenting to create an adequate balance of oil that would work perfectly for his skin.
Surprised by the results with Kenith’s skin, I began using the oil as well but we never thought so many other patients were having the same skin problem.
The turning point was when my niece, Angela, visited California to attend our daughter’s wedding. We offered the oil for her to use and after applying it she immediately came rushing out of the shower and praising the oil.  For several years, she was adamant and her praises continued non-stop. One day, she made a comment that struck a chord with me, “Your oil isn’t just a good product for people on dialysis, it is also good for regular folks like me too. It works!”
At one point, I became too busy with school and delayed replenishing the oil in stock for my husband.  He had to use a former expensive over the counter skin care product.  The following day he started complaining about the condition of his skin and urged me to make “his oil.”  Although thrilled that he truly wanted something that I made, I realized that I had to take additional steps.

I gradually started giving out free samples to dialysis patients and random friends. With an overwhelming demand for the product, it was pretty obvious that KenGlow was here to stay.