American Kidney Fund

Why “KenGlow” supports the American Kidney Fund

As a full-time professional entertainer, my career was basically put to a halt when my partner was diagnosed with renal failure. It was not only an adjustment to our lifestyle physically, but financially as well. I was unable to travel as previously to perform and became creative tapping into my other gifts and talents to make ends meet.

My husband had tried to continue with work, but being on dialysis became unbearable at times. In addition to all of this we were in the middle of supporting my daughter through college. Life was difficult at times, to say the least, and no one really knew about our struggles. We had always been considered the “go-to” people that everyone else contacted when in need of help.

Life has a strange way of re-inventing itself, as things seem to sometimes not go as planned. We had always believed in helping others and giving back, yet found ourselves on the receiving line. When things came to a head, and not knowing which way to turn, we were blessed several times with a financial grant from the American Kidney Fund.

After surviving some of the most difficult hardships ever, the opportunity to give back has graciously arrived in our favor once again. KenGlow Oil proudly supports the work of the American Kidney Fund and will donate a portion of our sales. Every day, patients undergoing dialysis receive direct support from AKF so they can continue their fight to succeed in the face of kidney disease.

Please join us in this fight by taking the opportunity to donate directly as well. No amount is too small. This direct support ensures that every patient has health insurance and access to proper care.

Your generous donation provides a lifeline of care to these patients who face incredible obstacles. Your contribution is more than a gift it is an investment in the lives of those who are bravely fighting every day.

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American Kidney Fund

" We thank you for your support and generosity "

Parris Lane
PBS Emmy Nominated Singer/Actress and Kenith Dean Jr.,
Owners of KenGlow Oil